Treat Yourself Tuesday #4

I missed last week’s Treat Yourself Tuesday so this week will be a mashup of the last couple of weeks. Without further ado, onto the treating. 

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1. Last weekend, Mama Kross came for a visit and we had a lovely lunch date at Fresh, followed by some wandering at Ikea where she treated me to my first Christmas tree. I’m a Christmas lover but have been trying to budget the last few months so picking up a Christmas tree was an area I skimped on to save cash. My mother, being the doll she is, was thrilled to be able to buy me my first tree. We picked up this super cute 5 ft. Charlie Brown style tree and I grabbed some gold, silver and bronze ornaments, as well as red ribbon with a gold sparkly outline, and a tree topper which was actually from the dollar store (score!). My condo feels instantly more festive. Love it. 

2. I made a trip to David’s Tea and the health food store by my work and picked up a couple items that looked quite intriguing: Coffee Cake tea, hazelnut flavoured agave, and a salted triple chocolate cookie which was both vegan and gluten free. You can only imagine how fantastic my afternoon snack was.

3. I dyed my hair and gave myself a mani with this beautiful wine coloured nail polish. Why is it that freshly painted nails always makes you feel so pulled together? 

4. I had the ultimate Sunday Rot Day this weekend which consisted of a Homeland marathon and McD’s burger and poutine. I’m kicking myself for not watching Homeland earlier. The show is unreal! I’m hooked. 

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Linking up to Becky at Olives ‘n Wine for hosting.

Question of the day: What’s your favourite TV show? 

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    David’s Tea is my favourite store. You should see the amount of teas I have stocked in my apartment. It’s beginning to become a problem. Also, Homeland is AMAZING. I just watched the season three finale the other night. It sounds like you might not be caught up all the way so I won’t be spoil anything but man, it was intense!!

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