5 Tips for Keeping Fit on a Budget

Keeping Fit on a Budget l Quest for Balance 5 Tips for Keeping Fit on a Budget

I hope you found my top tips for healthy eating on a budget to be both educational and helpful. If you didn’t catch that post you can check it out here. As promised, here’s the second installment of amping up your healthy lifestyle while working within the confines of a budget: Tips for Keeping Fit on a Budget. 

1. Purchase some simple at home gym equipment  

With a couple pieces of at home equipment, you can really rep out some amazing workouts. I recently purchased two sets of dumbbells, one light and one moderate weight, as well as a kettle bell and I’ve been working up a serious sweat in the comfort of my own home. No gym membership required.

I grabbed all of these for a little more than $75 dollars which is around or just over the cost of a gym membership for one month. Pretty good gig for a one time investment. If you’re looking for places to snag some inexpensive equipment, I had success at Winners or Marshals, Canadian Tire has great sales on these items sometimes, and you can always look online for used equipment. Just be sure to give them a good clean before you use them, but, let’s be real, they’re is probably less bacteria on these than gym equipment. That stuff can get nasty. 

There are loads of resources (see point three) that you can utilize for at home workouts that are tailored to only having a few pieces of equipment so I promise you will still have a great workout. I used to have this mindset that at home workouts were less difficult than workouts at the gym where you could access a wide variety of equipment, but this thought process was o so wrong.  I’ve followed some videos, and made up some of my own at home workouts where I am DYING at the end. A fair deal of them put an emphasis on functional movements with body weight training which is also great for building strength and muscle. Enter point two…

2. The beauty of body weight training

Body weight training is often seriously underrated. Body weight exercises are great for building strength, muscle, cardio vascular and muscular endurance, and torching calories which will help to burn off fat. In addition to all of their health benefits, they’re lovely because they are free (yay for the budget!) and you can do them anywhere (random lunch time workout, yes please). For a more fulsome look at the benefits and advantages of body weight training, have a read through this fantastic article on greatist.com.

3. Take advantage of free online resources

There are so many amazing free resources online. Are you one of the lucky ones who has a gym membership but perhaps can’t purchase personal training and wants some help in the workout program department? Bodybuilding.com has amazing resources! You can grab full workout programs designed by some of the top industry professional and they are all for free. The website is designed to help you narrow down the program that is best suited to your needs with a few quick questions. It really is awesome.

Bodybuilding.com is also a fantastic resource for coaching to help you understand how to properly execute a specific exercise. Proper form is key! They have a HUGE video library for almost every move under the sun which demonstrates the move and provides audio instruction.  

Want to take advantage of body weight exercises and those few pieces of equipment you purchased? Here’s some of my favourite sites to visit for free guided workout routines:

  • Tone It Up — Karena and Katrina are ridiculously knowledgeable and inspirational. 
  • Be Fit on YouTube — I’m a fan of Jillian Michaels videos that are on this channel; they also have a huge amount of other videos
  • DoYogaWithMe.com — I love this site for yoga. You can search by styles, time limits and more. 

4. Scourer your community for intro specials and online deals

I know you may feel like a cheap loser doing this, but don’t. It’s so worth it. Gyms, yoga studios, crossfit gyms and specialty fitness classes like bootcamps and barre often have amazing intro specials for first timers. I’m talking one month of unlimted yoga for $30 when it’s normally $150 kind of good. You can also find some amazing deals on online deal finders like Wag Jag and Group On.  Gyms and studios try to lure people in to fall in love with their establishment with these great offers. It totally works. You very well may fall in love and wish you could stay, but don’t. Listen to your conscience and wallet and walk away to the next special. 

5. Get outside 

Nature is free, and fun! HA…had to throw in the cheese ball line. But seriously, it is. Get outside for a run. Go to the park and use the playground equipment to do some exercises. Go for a hike. Find a body of water (obviously a clean one) and go for a swim. Grab a group of friends for a good old fashion game of capture the flag or manhunt (amazing, right?). There are so many active things you can do outdoors. Get creative. You’ll have a double whammy of exercising and enjoying some fresh air. Maybe even a tan too. Not a bad gig if I do say so myself.

Question of the day: What are your favourite at home workout sites? I would love to have them. 

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      G;ad up found it helpful Marina! I’ll definitely check out Blogilates on YouTube. I love switching up my workouts. Thanks for the recommendation.

  1. says

    I LOVE Fitness Blender for at-home workouts. You can search their website to find the perfect workout for all fitness levels and scenarios. They sort workouts be level of intensity, what equipment you need (if any), how long the workout is, what muscle groups it targets, etc. They post free videos on a regular basis. My favourites are their HIIT workouts (likely my neighbours least favourite).

  2. says

    Oh, I’m also with Marina. Love Blogilates too! Similarly to Tone It Up, you watch her videos and think they’ll be super easy… not so much! She has a great HIIT series that she did in the summer. I do those workouts all the time.

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